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It's Here!

Our brand new humor anthology,

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Good news, beloved reader! We bring you the japes, gobshite, and guttersnit you crave. The editors of MuddyUm, a singularly hilarious publication, have collected stories so funny that the cares and woes of the world will flee your mind. Prepare your soul to be overtaken by the giddy daemon of comedy and you will be wondering only one thing— 

If I keep laughing like this, will I puke?

The Premier Place for Comedy

by Susan Brearley

MuddyUm has been bringing you laughs since we started with the tiniest crew.


The idea was simple — make people laugh. Make it easy to publish. Publish funny stuff and don’t make writers go through excessive hoops to get published.


But also — publish with quality. Run the joint like a real magazine — applying real editorial skills. Help writers become funnier.With my love of sailing, I imagined a ship afloat in this maelstrom that is Medium, where no clear and simple rules seemed to exist, and where we were surrounded by flotsam. Christening the vessel the Good Ship MuddyUm, a wordplay on Medium, the publication was born.

Live, laugh, and learn!

MuddyUm is the fastest growing, premier comedy publication on the platform.  We provide an opportunity for comedy and humor writers from around the world to write for us, while learning from seasoned writers, authors, editors and performers. The 16 member and growing MuddyUm Editorial team, known as the Mudditors, are eagerly wating to serve you!

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