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Official Comedy Camp Q & A
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Q: Why can’t I pee in the pool? I peed in the office Superbowl pool, so what’s the big deal?
A: OK, we are giving you special access to the white oval porcelain pool in the bathroom. Pee in that. Be discreet, or everyone will want to use it.

Q: Will the MuddyUm editors be signing autographs?
A: Individual editors may sign autographs selectively. Flattery will get you farther than farting. As a team, we have agreed not to sign butts, breasts, or anything typically covered by modern American swimwear.

Q: I usually wear a thong or skinny dip. Will the editors sign my butt cheek if I really butter them up?
A: Kindly keep your buttered butt cheeks away from us.

Q: Will I be allowed to play Candy Crush during Dikkers' talk?

A: NO.

Q: Will Gary Chapin's Granny Mary make an appearance?

A: Gary's Granny, and Gary, can be bought with cheese Danish.

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