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Hello, It's me. Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones is an actor and award-winning improv instructor. Jones' credits include several years of stand-up comedy, sketch, and multiple theatrical productions as well as TV and Film appearances in Dr. Death/Peacock, Emergence/ABC, Bull/CBS, The Blacklist/NBC, Law and Order: SVU/NBC, SKIN with Jaime Bell, and DRIVEWAYS with Brian Dennehy. She has had 4 solo shows produced in the US and is the Founder of Hudson Valley Improv

INSTAGRAM: @thisissamanthajones


The Samantha Jones Story

After completing 10 years of formal acting training, Ms. Jones career began in comedy in her hometown of New York City. Though pursuing stand-up seemed daunting at the time,  she found a combination of stand-up comedy, improv and sketch was great ways to perform regularly while pursuing her acting career. Early on, she established her reputation as a talented comedic actor and sketch comedy performer, creating hilarious original characters in her solo works as well as short and long form improvisation.  In 1995, Ms. Jones eventually developed what would become her first solo show, I’m In Charge of the Coats at HERE Arts Center under a program run by NBC. 


As her writing skills developed, Ms. Jones continued creating several additional solo works in collaboration with her team and family under the moniker of Dora Mae Productions, including original pieces written by her sisters, Jeannine Jones and Rebecca Lally. 


Adding singer-songwriter to her list of credits, Ms. Jones would often turn to her guitar for inspiration in creating new material. One act in particular about a brother and sister folk-goth singing duo called CRAZY POTATOe (the E was intentional), garnered Ms. Jones and her acting partner actor/fireman, Adam Lake, a bit of a cult following, performing several of Ms. Jones’ original songs in comedy clubs and colleges. Eventually, she and her sister Rebecca are an award-winning comedic, folk-rock duo THE SISTER'S ROCK!  


Throughout her career, improvisation has been the foundation for Ms. Jones’ work as a performer. She began teaching improv classes in New York City after studying with well-known professor and theatre director, Beverly Brumm.  Today she owns Hudson Valley Improv, an improv training center she founded in 2015.


After performing her 4th solo shows, Butterfly Suicide at PS122,  Ms. Jones began directing solo shows. Solo shows she has directed have appeared at numerous festivals all over the world. She has co-created and directed solo vehicles for other performers including standup comedy, talk shows, solo shows, and storytelling. She has also directed full-length plays and live concerts.


Ms. Jones has donated her improv empowerment workshops  to several organizations in and around New York City, including, the New Perspectives Theater Company, The Momentum Repertoire Company, and the Esther Ashkenas Central Park Early Learning Center. She was an honorary guest in the Think Tank at the Endangered Species Women's Conference in NYC. Additionally, Ms. Jones has contributed her talents to ARTISTS FOR THE CURE at Carnegie Hall, and WIGSTOCK.  As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, she has represented the organization on the board of the NY Coalition of Professional Women in Arts and Media.


She studied acting at LaGuardia High School for the Arts, HB Studios, Neighborhood Playhouse and SUNY New Paltz, where she returns often to speak to young theatre students about career and creative challenges after graduation. 

Let's Connect

"It's not about "being funny." It's about being FREE!"

INSTAGRAM: @thisissamanthajones


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