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Meet the Mudditors

"Just like to say that one of the reasons I choose to send things to MuddyUm among others, is all the great support and suggestions from editors like you. It teaches me a lot about my craft."

-Satisfied MuddyUm Writer

Susan altered_edited.jpg

Susan Brearley, EIC

Susan Brearley is a retired IBMer, a retired retail entrepreneur, and after 45 years of running on the hamster wheel, is now the EIC for the fastest growing comedy publication on She works with hundreds of humorists and comedy writers around the world, and with a hand-picked team of editors. She is also a full time college student, writer, poet, sailor, and the Founder of a Femme Space for incubating voice, agency and leadership -- the Garden of Neuro Institute. 

"Susan has achieved something which most of the Medium editors have failed to even think about and that is building an ‘Editorial Culture’".

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Amy Sea_edited.jpg

Amy Sea, AKA Amy Culberg

Amy Sea is a writer who has taught elementary education, swimming, and writing. Her goal in life is to transform her repressed anger into life-altering humor and she'd like to take as many of you down with her as she can. Her mantra is if you can find the punchline, you're winning.


Carol Lennox

Writer and Editor. Psychotherapist in my spare time. Funny whenever I can be, serious when I lean so far left I nearly fall over.


Paul Hossfield

AKA BOFace, AKA Baskerville Old Face, AKA Baskerville, AKA Quasimodo, AKA PaulHoss. I change my name like I change my t-shirt because why not?

If I leave a lot of asterisks it's because I care.

Now* just* look at that face. Even I would trust me!

*unnecessary word

*unnecessary word


Gary Chapin

All time Medium Top Writer in Accordions. I write. I have always written. I play accordion. I have an extraordinary ability to be fascinated by things. People I trust tell me I am funny.


Andrew Rodwin

Brudditor Andrew Rodwin searches for unique perspectives. Always ready to turn the world upside down for that perfect comedic bite, Andrew loves political, sports, and STEM humor. Also yoga, rowing, reading everything within reach, his golden retriever, and blueberry pie. Not in that order, golden retriever the first!

Sara Z 2.png

Sara Zadrima

Writer, editor, doodler, & maker. Sorry I'm late, I was hugging my dogs goodbye for an hour and a half. Happy to be here!

RachelASand 2.jpeg

Rachael Ann Sand

Rachael loves living on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota, breathing in the beauty, and writing humor that causes readers to laugh until they can't breathe. Cycling, sustainable living, yoga, hiking, and phone-photography are a handful of her hobbies. Rachael is a no-makeup, lots-of-nonsense kind of human. She's passionate about the health of the planet and the next generation of all living things - except jerks. They can go.

Toni Crow.png

Toni Crowe

Toni Crowe is a skilled storyteller who escaped corporate America to pursue her dream of writing whatever she wanted, whenever she chose. She is an award-winning multi-book author. Being an introverted degreed engineer who forced herself to become an executive extrovert gives Toni a unique variegated world-view. Toni takes real-life lessons and presents them in a way readers will not forget. Her dark humor shines like flickering candlelight in the night. Humor is one of her most persuasive tools.

HJS trilling-STORY.JPG

Holly J. See

AKA editor fairy. Still somewhat surprised to be a writer and humor editor after 40+ years as a serious worker bee. Former editor at a national healthcare consulting firm. Someone has to be least funny.

  • Turn-ons: husbands who cook, new vocabulary words

  • Turn-offs: lying, spiders, pickles, grunge

  • Guilty pleasures: chocolate edibles & a prosecco mule

I enjoy reading, writing song parodies, interacting with my poodle, and dancing around the house to “Sing” — Pentatonix & “Rock ’N Roll Soul” — Grand Funk


Anu Anniah

Anu Anniah lives in Bangalore, India. Laughing is her favorite hobby. It takes up most of her day.
After a billion years in corporate, she suddenly chucked it all to spend time with her teen. The jury is out on whether the teen actually wanted this change. Meanwhile, Anu discovered she had much to say about lots of things. Since no one listened, she began to write. She published a book while no one was looking. No one is looking even now.


Betsy Denson

Betsy Denson is a longtime writer who thinks that we all need to add more humor to our diet. Hopefully, we’ll all live longer. New to MuddyUm as an editor, she is working on learning from the pros above.  


T. Kent Jones

T. Kent Jones has written for The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Air America Radio with Marc Maron, The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, MuddyUm, Points in Case, Two Fifty One, Slackjaw, Robot Butt, The Daily Drunk, End of the Bench and many others.


Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie Wilson was having a fine life in Northern Virginia--coaching, hiking, drawing, waving goodbye to her kids as they moved off into the world—but then she got abducted by aliens. Now she lives in some place called MuddyUm, where she writes, laughs, edits, and deals with the extraterrestrials listed above. It’s fun. It's on a boat of some sort. She misses Earth.


Michelle A. Cmarik

Michelle is an elementary school administrator by day, a writer at night, and a mother of two all the rest of the time. Her niche genre is true crime parenting/educator nonfiction humor.

Rosalie Berg

Rosalie Berg decided to start writing because a Barnes & Noble cashier told her she had a writer's name. This occurred roughly two decades ago--well before she was married and mothered. Rosalie Berg is also a master procrastinator, but here we are. When not chasing around her two boys and wily water dog, she can be found online shopping, er writing, at local coffee shops.

Kendra S.jpg

Kendra Phillips

Kendra is a stay-at-home mom who has infiltrated the MuddyUm website and has declared herself a mudditor. There is no other explanation for why she’s here among this esteemed group of people.
When she’s not raising tiny humans or computer hacking, she enjoys sharing her cringiest childhood memories with complete strangers in line at the bank or grocery store.

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