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A Strong Woman Weak

Purveyor of Sarcasm

My Cat Has More Likes on Twitter and I’m Pretty Jelous.

My pet is more likeable than me.

I’ve been on Twitter for over two years now, I follow 320 people, I have over 300 Tweets, and I still only have 30 followers.

I mean what gives?

Sure I don’t have a face like that. But I’d like to believe I’m cute, just not furry with fangs cute.

I think I’m witty. My elementary school-aged kids think I’m witty, complete with cheesy knock-knock jokes and potty humor.

What gives that this little beast gets 300 likes and 6,000 views in just 4 hours, while I’m making duck face for two years and getting nothing!

Hell, I think my food pics are pretty awesome. I mean who doesn’t want to see what I make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all 7 days of the week?

People want to hear my poorly worded abbreviated desk-top, calendar advice quips of the day, why else would I be on Twitter? 

A Strong Woman Weak
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