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Gael MacLean


Meet Lorem Ipsum, aka Gael, the disheveled dreamer whose spirit roams as free as the dust bunnies frolicking beneath her couch. Lorem weaves tales that are as unpredictable and untamed as her living quarters, where the cobwebs are considered home décor and the dishes have started their own ecosystem. Every morning, upon rising, she consults her magical mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who shall I be today?

Out in the fields, Lorem’s sheep eat, sleep and poop. Being perpetually unhappy sheep, she counts them each evening as they leap over the fence in search of greener pastures. More often than not, she falls asleep, leading to impromptu midnight searches under the starlit sky. Her dogs, being the lazy kind, refuse to do any housework except the occasional pre-wash on the dishes.

Lorem’s writing, like her approach to housekeeping and cooking, is an adventure in organized chaos. She crafts stories that leap from one genre to the next, much like her socks leap from the laundry basket, yearning for freedom. And if they disappear into the black hole of literary rejects, so be it.

As a professional daydreamer and a hobbyist hermit crab, her life’s a symphony of paws, hoofs, and the not-so-perfect paragraph. 

Gael MacLean
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