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Gary Chapin

Official Accordionist of the MuddyUm Empire

I do so many different things that it seems improbable. Sometimes I leave things off the list, so readers don’t feel intimidated. Sometimes I dress down for the same reason. I wouldn’t want my stylishness to make anyone else feel less than. Still, I am the kind of guy who wears a Derby hat, and I am a fucking genius.

I am an editor at MuddyUm and have been for three years. I’ve written a ton of funny stuff here. I love this place. I write a lot of poetry, too. I’ve written more than 30 pieces channeling the wisdom and wit of my Grandmother—Granny Mary—from beyond the grave, who has good advice to give on every topic from Bach to Buffalo Sauce.

For my days, I work in education with an org called Educating for Good. I also write very witty things about education, like my co-authored book, 126 Falsehoods We Believe About Education. I’ve been published in a bunch of education blogs in the sphere, including Next Gen Learning Challenge, Education Reimagined, and 2 Revolutions.

Finally, and most importantly, I play the accordion.

No, wait. Most important is that I live in Fayette, Maine, with my wife, Sunshine. I’ve got four kids and five cats. My favorite cat is Ursula. I won’t tell you who my favorite kid is, but Sarah thinks it’s her.

Gary Chapin
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