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Holly J. See

Editor Fairy

I was the child of a mother who learned to read around 1920 at age 4 and a father who taught himself by reading Moby-Dick at 10. They both earned bachelor’s degrees as adults. Like them, I read adult books from an early age — 10 or 11. I’d intended to audit some college philosophy courses in retirement, but here I am, writing and editing for fun. Dad would be proud.

Humor-wise I appreciate slapstick & animal antics, wordplay & nonsense; satire, not so much. I’ve been an editor fairy since late 2020 and a Mudditor since April 2021. As a counterbalance to reading adult books as a child, Retired Me is getting more and more into writing nonsense. Doesn’t that make sense?

Access all my stories by clicking on Index? Meet Lists. If you’re only interested in oddball humor, some teeming embarrassingly with 5-letter words, drop by my MuddyUm tab.🐶

In 2021, I wrote ‘She Could See No Good Reason to Act Her Age,’ excerpted below. It was my 20th published story, the first to earn more than spare change — also my first successful experiment with writing while edible-impaired.

‘Sober Me’ Thinks This Is an Essay

Nineteen-year-old me is still looking out of these presbyopic eyes but with more life experience. Barring anything short of death, must that end? I don’t think so. I hope not.

‘Impaired Me’ Wrote Free Verse

Why not do what you want? Assuming it’s not wrong. Have faith in your own instincts.

Were you raised to do your best? To follow the rules? Trust yourself then, and relax. It’s all good, even when things are actually not so good.

If you overcame your bad start, good for you. You already know how trustworthy you are.

Don’t be so afraid to look foolish. Don’t let this moment pass by.

I’m still me inside. Curious. Interested in learning. Wanting to know what comes next and what’s out there. Outside’s just on the other side of any door. Open it and see. 👀

Let’s connect!I’m on Medium | LinkedIn | & Facebook | but hardly ever on Twitter-X |

Holly J. See
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