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Paul Hossfield AKA BO Face

Word Sniper

All of that was before the Phase Change. Now, according to the Now Christians, we see face to face, whereas before, we saw through a glass darkly.

I don’t know what they mean by that. Nothing is face to face now. Every interaction is as across a great chasm, yet we when we reach out, there is the other. Very unnerving for all except the New Celebrities, such as Infinity Jones and Miss Radio Drama. They are cleaning up. When Infinity speaks it is as a booming voice from the heavens. Miss Radio controls our radios, turning them on and off and interrupting broadcasts at will.

Who listens to radio any more? Everyone. All that other shit, smart phones, smart watches, smart toaster ovens, smart toilet paper, all that shit stopped working in the First Manifestation of the Phase Change.

We all had to dig our radios out of our sock drawers or who the fuck would know what is going on? Now who does anyway? Is Drama telling the truth? She interrupts the Story Pirates whenever she feels like it. What about Infinity? Their voice scatters the Sky Gods. The Proud are helpless.

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Paul Hossfield AKA BO Face
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