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Rodney Lacroix


Rodney Lacroix is just one of those guys. He's one of those guys that make you say, "You know, I'm glad I'm not THAT guy."

THAT? That's Rodney Lacroix.Rodney Lacroix lives in southern New Hampshire. He is the proud biological father of two amazing children and step-ological father of two stepamazing stepchildren.

He also likes to invent terms.

He has a second wife, a dog, and two fully stocked liquor cabinets because [see the number of kids comment above].Rodney Lacroix has been writing about his misadventures for years. He's done stand-up comedy, emceed charity events and has hung out with many celebrities.

Rodney's books - available on Amazon - have won him multiple humor awards and have appeared on international best-seller lists. He is worshiped in most third-world countries and is known as "El Chupacabra.' Perhaps you've heard of him. Maybe you shouldn't believe anything he says. DO read his writing, though. He's hysterical.You can also find him everywhere here:

Rodney Lacroix
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