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Stephanie Wilson

Abducted. HELP!!!

When Stephanie first stepped foot onto the MuddyUm ship, the team stood there and scratched their heads. “Why are you here?” one of them asked. Stephanie reached into her backpack, pulled out Girl Scout cookies and pea protein milk, and threw it at them. They caught it, ripped open the cookie boxes, chugged the pea milk, and cackled maniacally because obviously this weird creature was a harbinger of snacks to come.

She wasn’t, but they let her stay, and that’s all there is to say about that.

The ensuing months proved this odd woman-cookie-creature had no writing credentials whatsoever, however she was good at giving haircuts. That’s what she did and continues to do. She also likes to draw comics. One day she’s going to draw what each Mudditor looks like without a mustache. That’s after she shaves all their mustaches off as a funny joke. See? She’s funny.

In her other life, she coaches folks with ADHD, is married with two grown sons, lives in VA, walks and swims, and has a dream of doing the Empire State Building Run-Up race one day. Wish her luck.

Stephanie Wilson
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