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Susan Brearley


Susan is the 3rd reincarnation of a Buddhist-Lama-tuxedo-cat-zen-master-Jungian-psychologist and self taught astral projectionist, who loves cuddling with a  soft pillow in a warm space, or in a box, but mostly beside a warm fireplace.

   When not napping, she loves spending time with humans who are laughing, or sprawled on one of their massage tables, waiting for extra hands to appear.

   In her present human incarnation, she reads close to 200 books a year, is a kick-ass chef who loves to cook so long as no one expects her to do it, or else pays her obscene amounts of money, which she can then use as a garnish.

   A lifelong learner on many spectrums, and an outlier on most any chart, she's a graduate of Scott Dikkers' Comedy Business School, a fast cycling entrepreneur, and a loud advocate for all that is possible in women's lives.

     An almost-septuagenarian, she plans to live to 150 and believes everyone should set impossible goals. Within reason.

Susan Brearley
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