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Please read this page before moving on to the event registration page. We really mean that. If you don't you might become confused and run away screaming. If you do the registration process will be smooth and your future self will thank us.

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The First (Annual?) Muddyum Writer's Retreat will take place from Thursday, May 4 through Sunday, May 7 2023 in Poughkeepsie, NY. The event itself is free but you will need to pay for overnight accommodations or the day pass option at captain Susan's fabulous AirBnB!

The event registration page features the ability to choose your accommodations using a "seating chart." We had to adapt Wix's seating chart tool, more suitable to an auditorium, to our particular circumstances, so listen up!

When you open the seating chart it will be zoomed WAY OUT so you will need to zoom in and pan around to see or do anything meaningful. Zoom buttons are in the lower right-hand corner of the seating chart, or upper right on mobile. Note that there are pictures of each accommodation labeled "Option 1", "Option 2" etc. When you zoom in enough your cursor will turn into a pointing finger when you mouse over the "seats," enabling you to make selections. If you select something by mistake simply click it again to de-select. Each "seat" is a particular day in a particular accommodation.

Map Zoom-in.png

More than one row of "seats" beneath an image indicates that more than one such accommodation is available per night, as is the case with the camping options and day passes. (In the case of double or queen size beds, there is one accommodation per night and the price is the same for one or two persons.)

When you're ready to book an option, click "Next" below. Do not to delay! Accommodations are very limited and they will go fast!

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